Dr. Bautch recommends that beginning tennis players take tennis lessons, because lessons “teach good tennis habits and proper form, which will help take pressure off your wrists, spine and hips. It’s important to learn to play the game correctly.” If taking lessons is impossible because of financial concerns, scheduling conflicts or other reasons, there are many instructional aids available such as books, videos or DVDs. These products can be very helpful in familiarizing your body with the game of tennis.

In order to help prevent injury, it is critical to warm-up before practicing or playing. Dr. Bautch recommends that you “mimic the moves that you will make while playing, but do them more slowly and deliberately. Perform these moves through a full range of motion.” You should also spend a few minutes rotating each of your legs, shoulders, hands and elbows in a slow, circular motion. Finally, move forward and back, then left and right, across your end of the tennis court, simulating the movements you would make when actually playing.

Even when the best preventive measures are exercised, pain and injury can be an unfortunate fact of life with any sport-and tennis is no exception. Common tennis injuries include tennis elbow, shoulder injuries, low back injuries and turned ankles and knees. If you experience pain or injury beyond simple muscle soreness, make a doctor of chiropractic your first choice.