Prevention is Key to Better Health
It’s the season for sickness – getting flu shots, kids’ asthma acting up, and ear infections plaguing the preschools. These ailments are painful, and treatments for each can be costly. Prevention can be the key to getting through the season a bit healthier.

The Massachusetts Chiropractic Society ( believes prevention is the key to health and wellness, and can provide some tips and guidance on healthcare maintenance for families this upcoming flu season.

Consider the following:

- In the United States, asthma cases have increased by more than 60 percent since the early 1980s. Researchers don’t know why cases of asthma are increasing at such an alarming rate. Some say genetics and environmental exposure to allergens play a role.

- Asthma is a chronic disease; it can’t be cured – only controlled – and many people say chiropractic care can be helpful in treatment results along with care from an asthma specialist and primary care physician.

- Ear infections can be painful, difficult to treat, and account for more than 35% of all pediatric visits. Standard treatment is with antibiotics, but repeated doses of antibiotics can lead to drug-resistant bacteria in which case drugs do not help. More parents are turning to chiropractic care to help with chronic ear infections.

Some preventative tips to aid in keeping health this winter season are as simple as hand washing, using air filters in the home, and adding supplements of vitamin C.

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